You’ve possibly never booked a professional photographer before and don’t know what to expect. All I can say is that I don’t charge the earth but I do receive a lot of recommended bookings from the friends and family who’ve been at weddings that I’ve photographed, (please see the testimony) I let you use your photos how you wish, as they come on a USB stick, so you can print, upload and share your images.

You've probably been planning your wedding for a while and are now looking for a professional, experienced person with a top quality camera to capture the whole day. I have photographed well over 250 weddings and do so with a female eye, including all the details, flowers, hair etc, then I'm in the right place at the right time (which only experienced photographers can be) to cover the service, venue, guests, and to organise group photos.

You’ll also most importantly want some magazine quality portraits of the two of you, either just after the service or a bit later on, then perhaps to capture the reception,cake, room setting, speeches and first dance as well as all the extra special lovely moments that happen in a second but I will notice with my dedicated camera.

I’m sensible with my prices, I don’t run an expensive studio, I work from my home in Skipton, we can meet up for a coffee to discuss your plans and view the albums, or I can come to you, whatever is easier.

If you’d like the option of an album I am always expanding the range of albums that I offer, from fairly simple story books in different sizes to glossy coffee table books.

My background is Press and Magazine Photography so I keep the style fresh and new, I’m quick, and keen and did I mention already that I just love my job!


How and when should I book?

As soon as you have your venue confirmed, If you ‘d like to contact me by email I can let you know if I’m available, then we can discuss your plans, usually in person and I take just £100 deposit and send out a confirmation letter, which confirms all the timings and details.

Do you offer a Pre-wedding photoshoot?

Yes I am happy to do some test photos with you, so you can get used to the camera and feel more relaxed on the day. The photos will be available on a disc for you to use as you wish. I include a pre-wedding shoot in the 'Full Works' package, but otherwise the cost is an additional £65.

How Many Photos do you take and how do you provide them?

Depending obviously on the timings, I provide a USB stick with high res and low res images of at least 400 images, sometimes up to 600, all edited professionally and with a choice of black and white too.

How do I view my photos?

I aim to have your photos edited and ready for viewing in a week- 2 weeks, if you are on facebook I can prepare a taster for you to share with friends and family, which are available on my business facebook page, otherwise I will send you the images on a USB stick and then, once you've viewed them I will upload them to a private gallery, with a password.
The gallery will stay active for usually 3-6 months, for you to share, but not forever I'm afraid due to space limitations.

How do we choose for the album?

Once I’ve provided the disc of images and you’ve cried (happily hopefully) and laughed and shared them with all your friends and family you can choose between 80 and 150 images, or up to 200 for a little more, then provide me with a list of the numbers. I will then design the album and I aim to produce it about 6 weeks later.

Do You enhance/photoshop the images?

Yes, I'm very experienced with photoshop to provide professional quality images, I do enhance images, by removing blemishes, fire exit signs, tattoos (if requested!) etc, ask me if you're concerned about anything.


I will of course take lots of other photos as they occur, but just to give you an idea, this is what I normally aim for.
I advise people to make a list of group photos, however do please keep it to a minimum, as 3 page lists will become a chore (believe me) - boring the guests as well as taking all the time up, so perhaps some larger group photos including more people are appropriate, also you are unlikely to include all the groups in your album, as it becomes too repetitive.
Getting ready: flowers, shoes, makeup, reportage shots of the excitement and atmosphere,
Best man and groom, guests arriving,
Ushers before the wedding, close up of the order of service, if at a church. The church/ venue general view.
Service, arriving, walking down the aisle, first glances of bride and groom, the congregation, readings, rings being placed, first kiss!, signing of the register, walking back down the aisle.
After the Service Congratulations/spontaneous images outside the venue, Bride and groom confetti, close up of the bridal bouquet, rings. Posed bride and groom portraits, I often take more of these after the meal, if I'm there all day, for some different light and romantic mood, hopefully with a nice sunset?!
Group Photos bridesmaids and b&g, best man & Ushers, b&g, all the bridesmaids, ushers b&g, Parents & b&g, grandparents b&g, sisters/brothers b&g, friends b&g, Big Group photo of everybody.
The reception, tables, plan, decorative details, cake. Entrance of the bride and groom. Speeches.
Cake cutting. First Dance, dancing, party photos, new evening guests, Tossing the brides bouquet.

Of course there are many other pictures individual to your particular wedding, which I will capture.